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You truly ARE a being of light!

Did you know that your amazing body both emits and uses bioluminescent light as a means of communication  (See the photo of the blue/green aura of a healer above - a whole additional topic in itself), and that the water in your body stores energy from the Sun?


We are SO much more than we think. Not only do human beings emit photons, but your brain lights up as if it were actually SEEING a physical scene when you use your imagination to visualise a place, person, activity or thing (this is the reason I use visualisation techniques in my quantum gong sessions). Then photons of light carry information around your body, which banks the light energy in the intracellular structures of your DNA. How incredible is that?


But visualization isn’t just about the mind: it is about using more of the brain. When we imagine a scene in our mind’s eye, our Right Brain -  that part of our personal super-computer dedicated to creativity, language, spatial recognition, intuition, and non-verbal skills - is activated. This counterbalances the influence of the (ususally dominant) Left Brain and its qualities of logic, language, mathematics, and analysis as information-carrying photons shuttle between hemispheres across the nerve-bridge of the corpus callosum..


And then there’s the addition of intention, which relates to what some refer to as the Law of Attraction.


Most of us have a constant stream of inner dialogue running throughout our waking hours. Some of us are aware of what we are saying to ourselves; others, not so much.  What we focus on most, we attract, so if we are running a script of ‘I’m not good enough’, or ‘I always get upset when..’ for example, fretting about that topic will make sure that we experience more of the same. So when we INTEND something, and add the power of creative visualisation and emotion to the mix, we set up an energetic force for positive change in our own lives and the lives of everyone we meet or communicate with  (by virtue of the fact that we are all, in fact, energetically connected).


I have been practicing guided visualisation / meditation in different contexts since the early 1990’s, having experienced its therapeutic effectiveness first-hand after a major relationship breakdown. It saved me, then; steering me away from depression and anxiety towards the first glimmers of appreciation of the many wonders of being human and the amazing improbablilty of even existing at all.


Over time, I have learned we are literally made of star stuff (Carl Sagan’s words) and that we are totally in synch with the Earth and her lunisolar cycles, magnetic fields, and ionospheric resonances (check out the Schumann Resonance


I know of instances where the intention of healing meditation has -  in scientific experiments conducted by Lynne McTaggart in the USA - reduced crime and violence; or created a state of healing remotely. I have also listened to many reports of people using psychic sight (called Remote Viewing) to create an accurate image of an area they have never visited in person.


We are truly remarkable beings; so much more than we have been led to believe. We are mysterious, mythical, mystical creatures; and this is why I make and use meditations in the way I do, to stimulate our incredible creative powers so that we can remember our lives beyond the ordinary.


New dates for my sessions are now released,  and a new venue is up and running. Read on for more....



Alicia Ma Ri Atu Ma xx



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