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Whether you are new to the idea of bathing in sound with guided meditation, light language and quantum technology, or it's already one of your favourite things, there are a few options for you to choose from. Please see below.



More and more people are discovering that sound is a powerful force for wellbeing. In-person gong baths and accompanying guided visualisation journeys are an easy way to start feeling better, fast. The vibrations of the gongs travel through every cell of your body, shaking out stuck emotions, toxins and blocks that you may not even be fully aware of. Regular gong sessions can help maintain a deep sense of calm that endures despite outside circumstances. Click the button below to go to the event calendar.

Listening online

So is it effective? Many successful experiments have proven that merely looking at something can change its state, while distant healing transmissions have been shown to stimulate positive outcomes no matter where the sender and recipient are located in the world. What is key is intention; so that even if you are not present in the space with me and my powerful healing instruments, you are likely to benefit from, and potentially even feel the frequencies of harmony, healing, and wellbeing that are being broadcast into the collective field of consciousness. Click the button below to explore audio and video on demand.

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