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Making time for YOU


A taste of a calmer way of being

Taking time out to retreat from everyday stresses is a lesson often learned the hard way. As I know from my own very recent experience, pushing through and carrying on regardless leads to eventual burnout and potentially months of recuperation. So it is necessary to constantly monitor energy input and output to ensure that balance is maintained. 

Sound healing and meditation are small ways in which you can keep oiling the wheels to keep them turning smoothly. Invest in yourself, and your body, mind, and spirit will reward you.

If you are wondering why there have been few events for some time, it's because of all of the above. I've taken time out after experiencing burnout - listening to my own advice to feed my soul so that I can come back stronger and with more to give.

I'm back now with a gentle schedule that will gradually increase - at a pace that my mind and body are comfortable with. I look forward to connecting with you over the next few months, and especially when I return from my next retreat as an attendee; a week-long exploration of Peruvian shamanism.