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Gong Baths meet 
Life Force Energy!


Tapping into the future of healing?

We are at the dawn of a new healing paradigm, beginning to learn that everything is truly connected beyond that which we can perceive with our physical senses. Not only are we an intrinsic part of nature, but our personal energy field -and what we put in it with the quality of our dominant thoughts - is directly involved in our wellbeing.

We are literally one with all that exists, across time, space, and dimensions. And, unknowingly, we have a profound effect on everything around us.

About Orynoco's Wellness
Support Units (WSU)

The Core Principles:


The WSU V4 unit emits constantly changing and vibrant gravitational magnetic fields, resembling the characteristics of a living organism. These fields possess fluidity, flexibility, and intelligence. As a result, they create an open space or portal within your own energetic field, granting you easier access to the pure Life Force Energy that pervades the universe. When your resonance with this Source energy strengthens, your body and mind harmonise and realign, facilitating a deeper connection with your inner truth, homeostasis, and divine wisdom.


By engaging with the WSU V4 unit, your system gains the ability to make necessary adjustments in response to stress, which, if left unattended, could lead to various physical, mental, and emotional issues, along with low energy levels and poor health. During the sessions, it actively supports your overall well-being and fosters a heightened conscious understanding of your energetic state.

How It Works

"What quantum physics teaches us is that everything we thought was physical is not."


Bruce Lipton PhD

The WSU V4 is equipped with Transition State Elements (TSE) designed specifically to access information at all levels, including your soul. This unique feature makes the sessions highly personal since the unit helps to draw insights directly from your soul. The process of rebalancing your being begins by accessing what you truly need, which may differ from what you consciously believe you need. This soul-centred approach ensures a perfect and fulfilling experience, whether you are just starting your spiritual journey or are already advanced in your path.


Your connection to the pure Life Force Energy is guided by your own soul’s higher intelligence. As a result, your soul-level intelligence gains access to a vast repository of universal information fields that your biofield requires for self-rejuvenation. This dynamic interaction fosters a profound soul reunion, creating a transformative and enriching experience.

Your Interactions With The Fields

In this context, your soul assumes a significant role, and it encompasses your conscious being as well. Consequently, your active engagement with the fields through an intention that is directed towards the “best good of all” holds immense importance. Why? Because it fosters a profound and elevated level of integration between your body, mind, and soul.

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