About me

This is me, Alicia Davies; the face behind Hush Hour (formerly called Earth Song Sound Healing).

My story is a long and winding journey via St Martin's School of Art, through design, journalism and copywriting, and 30 fascinating years enmeshed in the joy and passion of West African music - both as an avid listener, and as a performer with some great names from that continent.


All of the elements of my story finally coalesced in 2012-13 into an exploration of the power of sound. The West African influences still remain - that music still tops my playlist - and I have a wonderful collection of instruments with which to create my own music. 

Sound healing is now my passion; and I like to couple it with guided meditations, created by me (and sometimes even channelled in the moment), because the imagination has tremendous power to transform our life experience. 

It means a great deal to me to be able to use all the skills I have acquired via the twists and turns of my life, to help other people to tap into their own innate wisdom and natural healing abilities.

Photo: Adrian Flower


About my meditations 

I first discovered the power of guided meditation in the early '90's, after a major hiccup in my personal life set me on the path of spiritual evolution.

 I looked forward to those inner journeys that helped me to recover my equilibrium and inner strength.

The techniques I learned then have become an important part of my work.

I create my one-off guided meditations based on Moon cycles, astrological events, and spiritual, alchemical journeys. In most cases, they are completely unique to me, though I will sometimes pick up and run with a timely theme that other spiritual practitioners have brought to light. 

Many times, the meditations are created spontaneously in the moment using nature-based imagery, energy work, and breathing techniques.

Listening online? Best to use headphones...

About therapeutic sound

The tools of my trade: tank drums, singing bowls, gong mallets and planet gongs

" Sound will be the future of medicine." Edgar Cayce

Amazing. Powerful. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Trance-inducing. Healing. Soothing. Just some of the words people use to describe the effects of receiving a sound bath, one of the world's most ancient modes of healing. In fact, sound has been used as a healing tool for thousands of years: and now,  21st Century humans from all walks of life are waking up to its transformative potential as a means of achieving lasting well-being.


My story on video

Not long after I began my journey with sound healing, Mark Westmoquette made this short film with me about how it came about, and my reasons for embarking on this work.