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A beautiful nebula. Photo by NASA

Gong Baths meet 
Life Force Energy!


All that exists does so as part of a constantly shifting field of energy, which some people call the Quantum field. Our bodies are an accretion of energy, as are stones, trees, bees, flowers, the elements, our pets, our friends and family  -  all of it a part of an energetic 'soup' in which everything is connected to everything else at a level beyond our usual physical perceptions. Tapping into this field offers great potential for a whole new paradigm of healing. 


In partnership with the scientists of Orynoco Life Force Energy systems, Hush Hour is offering a unique introduction to an aspect of this quantum future of wellness. A portable mini super-conductor device that works with the energies of the field has been specially created for use in our sound baths and nature-based meditations. This is a living experiment in which you are invited to participate! To find out more, please click the button below.

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