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Beautiful flowers are so uplifting

The alchemy of
sound and visions

With powerful quantum gong baths, mystical guided meditations, light language and more, Alicia Ma Ri Atu Ma's Hush Hour is all about making time for YOU. A musician, sonic artist, nature lover and creative all-rounder, Alicia’s live and recorded sessions are as much intimate performances as they are transformative, immersive soundscapes with healing instruments, quantum technology, percussion, and voice.

Earth and Symphonic Gongs by Paiste

Gong Bathing


What is it, and why might it be good for you?

It's official: gong baths (and sound healing in general) have made it into the mainstream. So how to know if it's for you? 

There's no water involved in a sound bath. Waves of vibration wash over and through the body, while the mind is encouraged to unwind by a continuously evolving soundscape. 

The absence of rhythm and melody entrains the brain so that the mind and body can enter deep relaxation. It's a way of accessing a profound meditative state AND giving your body's natural healing mechanisms the chance to go to work. Kind of like a human re-boot. Sounds appealing, right? For many, it can feel almost as good as a night's sleep. Why not try it for yourself? Book your tickets now..and to find more information on gongs and gong bathing, click HERE


You need nature:
nature needs You

It’s not easy for 21st Century humans to remember the elemental connection to nature that binds all life together. The illusion of separation runs deep. But we have always been an integral part of it's complex and beautiful web - the indigenous Sacred Hoop - and recognising this is the first step to restoring that profound sense of belonging that all humans crave in the depths of their soul. Nature’s beauty and power is the common thread that runs through every sound session and meditation you’ll find here at Hush Hour, each intended to stir our ancestral memories of life lived in harmony with Earth and every living thing that resides upon it. 

Image of pine needles by Marta Matyszczyk

Guided Meditation


Ignite the power of your unconscious mind 

It isn't widely known that the unconscious mind is unable to distinguish between what you create in your mind and reality. This makes your imagination an extremely potent tool for manifesting self-change. Even daydreaming can become a positively life-enhancing activity.

Athletes and corporate whizz-kids use visualisation to perform at the top of their game, and it works amazingly well as a preparation for gong bath sessions - as well as on its own as a stand-alone meditation. Imagining the world you would like to inhabit really can change your relationship to your reality.

Dandelion seeds represent the passing of Time
Sam Lee Podcast Cover Instagram Post.png


Sometimes we all need some inspiration for living. Hush Hour's Pause Podcast is a collection of fascinating conversations with ordinary people whose extraordinary stories have inspired me, and extraordinary people with unusual talents - many of whom have managed to make lemonade when life gave them lemons. The conversations include trance channeling, spiritual healing, personal transformation, plant communication and more...




When you are entrusting your mind, body, and spirit into the heart and hands of someone you don't know, testimonials from others can be really helpful. Often, it's the only way to get a true feel of the practitioner you are thinking of engaging with. I love what I do, and I love the fact that it has positive, beneficial effects on others (and myself!). I have had lots of beautiful feedback over the years: to read some of these comments, click the button below! 

quantum podlet 4.png

Quantum tech

Here at Hush Hour, we were the first in the UK to ask for a portable quantum pod from Orynoco Life Force Energy for use in our sound bath sessions. This little pod (pictured above) creates a quantum energy field using a superconductive coil and a vial of transition state elements. On a quantum level,  the mini-pod connects to all the other Orynoco pods wherever they might be in the world, feeding that beautiful energy into the room during our alchemical sound sessions.  

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