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In this crazy, chaotic world that we are all living in, staying serene has become increasingly challenging. Let’s face it; it was hard even before the 2020 crisis turned normality on its head. So what is needed now more than ever is time to mentally kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable - like a calm and relaxed state of mind.


Gong Bathing


What is it, and why might it be good for you?

It's official: gong baths (and sound healing in general) have made it into the mainstream. So how to know if it's for you? 

There's no water involved in a sound bath. Waves of vibration wash over and through the body, while the mind is encouraged to unwind by a continuously evolving soundscape. 

The absence of rhythm and melody entrains the brain so that the mind and body can enter deep relaxation. It's a way of accessing a profound meditative state AND giving your body's natural healing mechanisms the chance to go to work. Kind of like a human re-boot. Sounds appealing, right? For many, it can feel almost as good as a night's sleep. Why not try it for yourself? Book your tickets now..and to find more information on Gongs, click HERE

You need nature: nature needs You


We've forgotten our relationship with the natural world

It is an illusion to imagine we can live without reference to nature. We were always an integral part of it's complex and beautiful web - the indigenous Sacred Hoop - and recognising this is the first step in reconnecting to our planet; our home. Stepping out into the forest or across the fields; trailing our fingers in fresh spring water, or surfing pounding ocean waves is a good start. But even if you're not living wild, eating naturally with an attitude of gratitude for all that nature gives us, or by tuning in through Hush Hour's nature-focused meditations are ways that even city-dwellers can keep in touch with Earth.

Image by Marta Matyszczyk

Guided Meditation


Put your unconscious mind to work

It isn't widely known that the unconscious mind is unable to distinguish between what you imagine and reality. This makes your imagination an extremely potent tool for self-change. Even daydreaming can become a positively life-enhancing activity.

Athletes and corporate whizz-kids use it to improve performance, and it works amazingly well as a precursor to gong bath sessions - as well as on its own as a stand-alone meditation. Imagining the world you would like to inhabit really can change your relationship to your reality. To find out more about the power of your mind, click HERE

Paul Harfleet, by Paul Harfleet


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Calm: image by Alicia Davies


Re:Treating yourself to a treat of some dedicated 'me-time', there are now some lush events in planning for 2021-2022 at gorgeous venues around the UK. To get the latest news and developments, you can sign up to the free website app.


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